Performance Zone Individual Training

Performance ZoneWeight Management

Our belief is that a high percentage of weight management challenges can be solved thru a healthy, balanced diet and a commitment to the correct exercise program. Our professionals will help guide you thru this process. Seasonal, specialized weight management programs are also available

Sports Performance

Take your game to the next level! Our skilled trainers will show you the right way to develop your skills inyour desired sport.


Strength or power is but one measure of athletic success. How you are able to move your body thru space is an important, trainable skill that can show huge dividends in your performance. Our staff can show you how.

Strength and Power

Strength is a measurement of "how much." Power is a measurement of "how much, how quick." Both attributes are important for athletic success and our dedicated staff will show you how to improve these characteristics.


Without proper nutrition, your body will not grow and progress at its fullest potential. We can help guide you with proper advice and recommendations.

Joint Health

Joint health and mobility is commonly the most overlooked of athletic traits. Athletes can sometimes over stress or over develop a particular area and subsequently put too many demands on a particular area of the joint. We have trainers that specialize on fixing these imbalances to improve athletic performance and decrease injury risk.