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Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Welcome to SportsCenter’s group fitness program! We offer a variety of classes each week including additional specialty classes. All of our instructors are nationally certified and ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to reshape your body, improve your flexibility, get rid of the day’s stress, or train for your first bike or road race, we are here for you!

Aerobic Studio Classes


Step up on, straddle and lunge off of our 4 inch platform to build cardiovascular endurance and enhance low body strength. Platforms can be raised by 2 inch increments to obtain desired stepping height. Basic classes also offered.


Fun choreography is put to energizing music at a moderate speed to create this exciting, low impact class! No props. Low traction/studio shoe recommended. Basic classes also offered.

kickboxing morehead city


Punch, kick, squat and lunge in this high-energy, low/high-impact aerobic class.

Body Bar:

Weighted bars (9-, 12-, 15-, 18-, 24-, 30- and 36-lbs) are used for a full-body workout. Music is used to set tempo and enhance this sculpting class.


Variety of props used (bars, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, tubing) to tone and strengthen the body.


Resistance props utilized to challenge core muscle strength. May include Pilates-inspired movement.

gym balls morehead city


Build balance and core strength with exercises focusing on spine extension, flexion, and rotation through joint stabilization. Sticky mat recommended; no shoes, please. Basic classes also offered.


Increase joint and muscle flexibility & strength with postures that open the body. Learn to use physical and mental awareness to release areas of tension. Sticky mat recommended; no shoes, please. Basic and gentle classes also offered.

Specialty Classes

Platform Drills:

Resistance & cardio drills using a variety of props repeated circuit-style on a platform that gets progressively higher on every circuit!

Sport Conditioning:

Get ready for an intense workout! This class takes advantage of multiple areas within our facility, including our indoor track, basketball court, hallways and stairwells, to make this class different and fun! Recreational and serious athletes welcome!

Jump & Pump:

A cardio strength class that challenges coordination, balance, strength and endurance using the jump rope and hand weights.

Pump & Pedal:

Cycling specific exercises using resistance training to improve speed & power in and out of the saddle. Apply your new found strength in our cycling studio with a series of drills on the bike. Class size limited. Please pick up a bike card at the front desk before class.


A cardio/strength conditioning class that pushes you to give it your all! You may experience track running, intense drill work, jump roping, and/or plyometric exercises.

Takin’ It Outside” Cardio Drills:

Let the fresh air and beautiful sky motivate & invigorate you to push your endurance in this circuit interval class of outdoor running drills and strength moves using body weight and balance. Meet in the gravel lot by the outdoor pool.


A series of exercises performed in a cycle with little rest in between sets/stations to keep the heart rate up.

Power Hour Plus:

A cardio floor workout using inspiration from kickboxing and funk followed by resistance using weights and bands ending with core stabilizing Pilates style exercises. 90-minute class

treadmills morehead city


20 minutes of 3 different workouts offered in 1 hour. A great way to experience 3 classes in 1!

Flow Yoga:

A form of yoga utilizing various postures to build heat in the body while focusing on the flow of breath and movement. Flow yoga emphasizes a balance of strength and flexibility through holding poses longer as well as incorporating a vinyasa style with greater variety of postures and fluid transitions. Poses will include forward folds, backbends, twists and inversions. Previous yoga experience is advised. Sticky mat recommended; no shoes, please.

Water Classes

Water Aerobics:

Properties of rebound, speed, travel, surface and suspension are utilized for a well-balanced water workout. Props, such as noodles and handbells, may also be used for stability and added resistance. Classes in indoor & outdoor pool.

Cycling Classes

Indoor Cycling:

Energetic music in our low-light cycling studio is used to set the mood here! Our indoor cycling classes are fun and intense! Get a great low body workout concentrating on power, speed and endurance. Bike cards are available at the front desk 15 minutes before class on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are 1 hour.