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Chum Run

Sports Center Chum Run

The purpose of the Chum Run is to provide a fun alternative to traditional road races as well as serve as a fundraising event. All proceeds will go to benefit a local program in the community.

The Sports Center Chum Run was the first event of its kind on the Crystal Coast. It is a 5k obstacle course that takes place in Atlantic Beach. There are 9 obstacles, 4 open water swims and 4 mini obstacles to challenge participants' strength and endurance. This is a fun and family-friendly event and will feature a kids obstacle event. Participants  swim, jog, crawl, climb, slide and jump their way to the finish line where fans, refreshments and showers are waiting. 

There are multiple heats for participants of different ages and ability levels. This year there will be events for "Little Chummers" for ages 6 to 16! A timing system is provided for a select number of heats but the objective is to have fun and complete the event.

Get Involved 

Monetary Sponsorships 

Sponsorships are available for various sites, obstacles and areas of the race. For example, each obstacle will have a corporate sponsor as will each water table and first aid station. Your company's signs, banners and logos will be seen as a vital part of the success of this fun event.

Great White $750
  • Extra large corporate name/logo on t-shirt
  • Prominent media coverage (poster, website, social media)
  • Complimentary booth at pre and post event venues (must provide own display & supplies)
  • Provide promotional materials for Chum Bags
  • 6 complimentary event registrations 
Bluefin Tuna $500
  • Medium corporate name/logo on t-shirt
  • Name/logo promoted on website and social media
  • One obstacle named after your sponsor - First come, first serve. We have space for Bluefin Tuna sponsors at 11 obstacles.
  • Complimentary booth at pre and post event venues (must provide own display & supplies)
  • Provide promotional materials for Chum Bags
  • 3 complimentary event registrations
Spanish Makerel $350
  • Spanish Makerel sponsors will provide the 2 water stations
  • Corporate name and logo on table at water stop (you provide)
  • Name/logo promoted on website and social media 
  • Provide promotional materials for Chum Bags
  • 2 complimentary event registrations 
Blue Fish $150
  • Name/logo promoted on website and social media
  • Provide promotional material for Chum Bags
  • 1 complimentary event registration 

In-Kind Sponsorships

Many of the material needs for the Chum Run are being met through product/service donations. If you have a service or product that would be helpful, we are available to discuss an In-Kind donation. Please realize that the 9 Chum Run obstacles will be assigned to monetary sponsors only.


Of course we would love to have you! Volunteer opportunities are available before, during and after the Chum Run. If interested, please contact Julia Nichols at 252-241-6220.

On behalf of the Sports Center of Morehead City and the Atlantic Beach Fire Department we hope to have your support and see you getting sweaty, sandy and having fun with us! For sponsorships or more information, contact Grant Kelley at 252.422.1674 or grantekelley@gmail.com.