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There are two ways people handle stress and food

They eat

They don’t eat.

Finding a balance is key to managing stress.

There have been a number of studies that have looked at the connection between food and stress, but they quickly realized the outcome isn’t the same for everyone. Some people are able to ignore their hunger cues when under stress and not eat for long stretches; the very thought of eating, is unsettling and undesirable. These people are so focused on their stress that they don’t tune into their hunger cues. For others, they overeat, or simply eat even if they aren’t hungry. These people are attempting to distract themselves from the stress, therefore eating anything and everything. When we step back and look at what stress does to our metabolism, we have learned through many studies, that when under stress our bodies burn fewer calories. Researchers say experiencing one or more stressful events the day before, eating just one single high-fat meal- the kind we most likely indulge in when frazzled- slows the body’s metabolism so much that women could potentially see an 11 pound weight gain over the course of one year.(

So, how do we combat stress? How do we balance stress and eating when the demands of everyday life are present, thus putting us all at risk?

  • Be more mindful of what triggers your stress
  • Be ready to fight the urge
  • Be prepared. Have healthy snacks on hand
  • Keep blood sugar regulated throughout the day; this helps keep emotions and your body stable
  • Lower stress by using a stress ball, or even incorporate deep breathing techniques.
  • Exercise! Yes, you can!!
  • Sleep. A weary body = a weary mind

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