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Benefits of Yoga

By Jamie Jones

Yoga is an energizing practice that makes you feel alive! It helps you to tune into your body and brings a greater sense of awareness. It increases your blood flow, circulation, aids in releasing any unwanted tension in the body and helps you to relax. Yoga strengthens and tones the body and increases flexibility and range of motion. It is a therapeutic exercise that calms the mind, improves posture and promotes balance. Everything in yoga helps keep the spine in alignment and healthy. Yoga is a "practice"; the more you "practice" the better you get and the way that you can tell when you are truly practicing is when you apply the things you have learned on the mat to your life and you are living your life with intention and becoming the person you truly want to become. It is a time when you can look inward, focus on your goals and also the "practice" of gratitude for your life, your body and your breath! All levels are welcome! If you can breathe you can do yoga!

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Jamie Jones, Yoga instructor, is certified in Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Aqua, TRX, and most recently Paddle Fit. Jamie is from Draper Utah and grew up playing a variety of sports, before finding her love for yoga! . Jamie loves the people at the Sports Center and loves to teach Yoga, Cycle, and Aqua there. Jamie has 4 boys and enjoys exploring the Crystal Coast with her husband and boys.

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