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I remember when I first started going to a gym I was terrified to go over to the weight room. It seemed like it was filled with men and I was too nervous to head over there. For one, I felt out of place and two, I was terrified of embarrassing myself. I had never lifted weights before, I had no idea what I was doing. I kept seeing all of the "fitspo" pictures of beautiful, strong women such as Dana Linn Bailey or Ashley Horner and I knew I wanted to be like them, but I could not convince myself to head into the weight room. At that point I was a member of a 24/7 gym, so I started coming to the gym after midnight when there was nobody else there. Looking back this was pretty silly of me and I am sure I would have been fine going at a normal hour, but for whatever reason I thought that lifting during my sleeping hours was a great idea.


Fast forward a few years and I have been lifting at normal hours for a while now, at many different places, with many different types of people. I have learned a few things during that time that had I known 8 years ago I probably would have just went to the gym at a normal hour rather than midnight and wanted to share them here as a few tips for making yourself comfortable in the gym.


1. The most valuable thing I have learned, and it is something that I constantly tell my clients is that nobody thinks about you as much as you think they do. What I mean by that is when most normal people go to the gym they are there for a similar reason that you are: they want to better themselves in some way. This means that they are probably thinking about themselves, not looking around judging each person around them. This is not much different than daily life, when you walk down the road, or through a store you are not thinking about each person you pass rather you are thinking about your own tasks, missions, problems, ect. This is the same thing at the gym, just as you are there to better yourself, so is everyone else.


2. Get a coach. Sometimes you just need to have somebody in your corner- this is where a coach comes in. A coach can do a number of things for you throughout your fitness journey, they can develop a customized plan for you so that when you enter the gym you know what you are going to do. They are there to assist you with form and other exercise questions. They are a person you trust to have your best interests at heart. A good coach should be able to assist you equally with the mental hurdles and the physical hurdles.


3.Have a plan. When you know what you are going to do you are immediately more confident than if you walk in hoping to figure it out as you go. You can walk in, put your headphones in and get to work!


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